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Thai singlesDating is always fun and if it involves someone from another country it gets more exciting. Men choose foreign women as they find Asian or Latin girls more interesting and appealing. Today, dating foreigners has become so easy with online dating sites. You can find your partner through a site without leaving your home. However, you need to look at the right place to make your task easier as finding the ideal partner among thousands of profiles is tough.

Thai dating sites

Thia girlsThe best place to find Thai girls for marriage is Thai dating sites. There are two types of dating sites popular nowadays. The first kind caters to Thai girls only and the second one to Asian girls in general. Obviously, if you are looking for only Thai singles the sites dedicated to Thai dating would be a better choice.

Thai dating – the cost involved

Again, before signing up on a site, you need to check the prices. There are four major types of sites. A few sites are completely free. You can sign up and browse and make friends with girls you like.
There is a second category of sites which offer free memberships but charge monthly subscriptions for contacting the ladies. The other two sites also offer free memberships but charge for every email you send to the girls or you have to pay to buy their contact details.

Paying monthly subscriptions is better as you would be paying a fixed amount every month. You can save more by signing up for six months or going for an annual membership.
Choose the paid services diligently. Pay per letter service or translation services are costly and may not be effective much.
Most free sites do not contain profiles that would match yours. You would find fake profiles, scammers, and the women are not serious about finding husbands. So, the onus lies on you to find the right site for dating.

Reliable Thai dating sites

Thai mail order brides

There are a few Thai dating sites that are reliable and affordable. These dating sites are quite popular with foreign men. Here is a list of few such sites that you can try.
Find your Thai love through Thai Brides Online. It is a dating site with loads of features. It is has thousands of single Thai girls as members. You can search girls based on varied criteria. Young, beautiful, single, and English speaking, find your ideal partner here.

CherryBlossomsAnother popular site for Thai dating is Cherry Blossoms. Once a mail order bride service, today it is one of most reliable sites for finding Thai brides. You can meet women from different countries here. If you are only interested in Thai girls, specify your choice. With very low monthly subscription fee, you would enjoy talking to different girls and making friends over here. If you are serious about marrying a Thai woman, try Cherry Blossoms. This Asian dating site is a close and compact one with members looking for long-term relationships. The greatest advantage of this site is that you can upload loads of photos here. Check out all the photos of the Asian girls you like so that you are sure about your choice. Before traveling down to Thailand to meet the prospective brides, check the profiles and don’t get conned.

ThaifriendlyIt is advisable to get registered in more than one site to increase your chances of finding your Thai wife. As you surf the dating sites and befriend the Thai ladies, you would gain immense experience in online dating. You would come to know the likes and dislikes of Thai girls and what they seek in relationships.

ThaiFriendly is fast becoming a favorite with foreign guys. Free with many advanced features, this is a good platform to meet the Thai woman of your dreams.

Enjoy online dating

Online dating is all about convenience, excitement, and enjoyment. It is fun to know people from different countries and learn about their culture and traditions. To enjoy Thai dating, you need to follow certain rules. Create an interesting profile that would attract women. Mention your hobbies and anything special about you that make you unique. A picture is worth a thousand words so choose a nice photo as your profile picture.

Show respect to the women and never use foul language. If someone doesn’t reply to your emails or rejects your friend request, take it in the right spirit. Don’t ask too many personal questions in the initial stage. Talk about your life and career so that the girls find plenty of topics to talk about.

Be safe, enjoy dating

With so many hookers and scammers around, you need to ensure your safety first. So, don’t share your personal details unless you know someone for long. Your address, salary, credit card number and bank account details should be kept private. Never give in to the demand for money from an online friend.

Use your discretion to make Thai friends. Take time to open up to people. By following the basic rules of online dating you can easily find your Thai bride through dating sites.

Marriage in Thailand

About a Thailand Marriage


Marry a Thai woman in ThailandThe trend of marrying the Thai girls is growing rapidly among the men of many foreign countries, mostly from the western nations. It’s not that all of them have visited Thailand or have met any girl of Thai nationality in their own country. They get the vital information about the Thailand marriage and the chances of knowing the Thai girls, from the designated dating sites that provide many profiles of the marriageable Thai women, who are interested for marrying the men from any foreign land.

The foreigners prefer single Thai women as their wives, due to the physical beauty of these cheerful girls, as well as their amicable nature and their faith on the institution of marriage, which ensures life-long relationship with the Thai wives. Most of these Thai girls possess pure minds, which are as clean, as their shiny and spotless skins. Hence, they never hide anything from their partners, when they become involved in a relationship with any foreigner. Their reverence for their traditional customs and the family-oriented cultures make them so sincerely devoted to their own families and also to their extended families, after their marriage with the men from other lands.

Marriage in Thailand


Want a Thai Bride ? Find Beautiful Thai Girls for Marriage.As per the laws and the customs of the country, there are some vital requirements for any Thailand marriage, which are essential for getting the wedding knot to be legally certified.

  • Both the bride and the groom should be adults, as per the laws of their respective countries; i.e. the bride should be above 17 years of age, according to Thai customs.
  • Both the marriageable partners should have sound mental health, which should be proved with a medical certificate.
  • Both the partners should be without any spouse, at the time of their marriage. It means the Thai bride and the foreigner groom should be either single, divorced or widowed, when they decide to get married to each other. If the Thai woman had married earlier, she can remarry only a year after the annulment of her first marriage or the death of her previous husband. She should also obtain permission for remarrying, from the local court of law. She should provide valid legal proof of her divorce or the death of her previous husband.
  • Each foreigner man should provide the copy of his valid passport, an affidavit from the Embassy of his own country that clearly confirms his present marital status, along with a translated copy of that affidavit that should be translated to Thai language by a certified translator of the Foreign Ministry.
  • thai-brideEach marriage should be registered in Thailand, to get legalized all over the country. Here, the bride and the groom should officially give their consent for their marriage in written, over a typed form, which needs to be duly signed by both the partners. The marriage has to be recorded and signed by a Register, who presides over the proceedings of the marriage, on behalf of the legal cell of the country. The guardians of the new couple and two more witnesses should sign the registration form as well, to show their support for this marriage. Once the registration process is complete, it cannot be cancelled without further complex legal procedures for divorce.
  • Every foreigner man should stay in Thailand for at least four working days, before marrying a local Thai girl, so that he can become a bit accustomed with this amazing land.

Though apparently this marriage procedure with a Thai girl seems to be a bit complicated, the foreigners never mind it much, as they are more interested in having beautiful and pleasant Thai wives for themselves and getting stable and enjoyable marital life.

Do Thai Women Make Good Wives ?

Thai Women Make Great Wives

Best Thailand Dating Site to Meet Thai Girls OnlineAmerican and European men are aware of the significantly high divorce rates that prevail in their country today. European men understand that their situation is only a little better than American men. What is the reason behind the increasing numbers in divorce?

While infidelity is one of the reasons for divorce, others simply sound synonymous to falling out of love. Western women are used to thinking of themselves as an individual woman. They are used to the idea that they need their own identity in their world. But this ideology takes a turn when it comes to a relationship. When a woman cooks, she expects her man to clean. If she doesn’t know to cook she expects her man to do it for her when she takes up another task. This leaves most of the duties performed by women to be shared by a man.

While this very statement can raise voices from feminists, what women fail to understand is that not all men try to suppress her. She fails to understand that in doing a fair share of work in her relationship, than splitting it into two, she can nurture a relationship for a long time. Thai women on the other hand find great pleasure in satisfying their partners emotionally. This is what makes dating them and making them as your foreign bride a good choice.

Thai women are feminine

Find Thai Women and Thai Girls at Thai dating services online. Meet beautiful Thai Ladies and sexy Thailand girls for marriage and love.Lets face the truth. Household chores are something that is primarily done by women, because they are good at it compared to men. While some men are really good at it, others are willing to learn. A western woman will want her partner to learn because she believes in equality. This brings up arguments and fights.

Thai women are used to making their own bed and cleaning their room. They don’t think of equality. Its just something that they like to do. Besides, what is cuter is, they find it absolutely hilarious when a western man makes his bed. They are feminine. They do things that are girly. They blush a lot at compliments. They make sure they are at their best dressed when they are going out with you.

Thai Dating

the-bossInternational dating often introduces you to a whole new world of experiences. When you are back home, you know exactly what you are dealing with. The women outside your country are different and you need to approach them differently. Thankfully, Thai women are one of the friendliest people you can find.

Even in a relationship, they let you have your way most of the times. The simplest of things such as where to dine and what to do for the weekends are something that a western woman loves planning about. Often this collides with your plans and you end up cancelling yours and going with a forced plan that she creates. With Thai women, you are the boss. Because all they focus is who they are spending their time with.

Thai women are optimistic

There is almost no day when a Thai woman is cranky and angry all the time. In fact, they have the most brilliant smiles, because they smile from their heart. They are always optimistic and that is a kind of energy that will easily get to you. Their vibe of positivity will make you want to smile too. Researchers around the world have proved time and again that you are more likely to be attracted to a person who is happier and positive than a person who is moody.

Thai women make great wives because they are the pleasant faces that you can come home to, every day. For western men particularly, a Thai woman can turn their life upside down because of the kindness that they have in them naturally. They also make the most loving mothers. A Thai woman can give you the family that everyone is jealous of.

Largest Dating Site in Thailand. Meet Thai Girls, a Thai Wife or Thai Bride in Thailand. Thai women seek Marriage on the internet. Find Thailand women online.

Find Thai Girls for Marriage – Thai Brides

Find a Thai bride through online dating sites


Have you ever wondered what has made most men around you marry women from abroad? When it comes to choosing a Thai bride, men nowadays do not remain confined to their own nations. Looking for girlfriends abroad and marrying them has become vogue nowadays. Well, the internet has much to do with this changing mentality of men.

How internet encourages people to marry foreigners

Thai brides - Thai girl seek man for marriageInternet changed a multiple of things in our life. There are certain things that underwent a sea change ever since internet became popular. Dating is one such area which has received maximum boost due to it. With online dating sites coming up and becoming popular, not only the rules of dating have changed, but whom people want to date also has changed.

As the boundaries between countries lay blurred and the virtual world made everyone share the same space, people started looking for partners elsewhere. Countries like Thailand, Philippines and even Chins became popular for their gorgeous Asian women.

In this respect, the women from Thailand became more popular for their beauty, intelligence and also because their country was more visited by foreigners.

The old traditions were broken and people started to tie knots with partners from abroad. Increasingly, western men were found to marry Thai women and thus creating a myth around these amazing women.

The sleazy face of Thailand

Thailand is known to the world for its nightlife. The bars and clubs and also the massage parlors draw men from overseas in large numbers. If you happen to visit the capital Bangkok or Pattaya you will be amazed by the number of women working in these places. In fact, according to police report the sex industry in Thailand is thriving. You may not believe this but a whopping number of around 400,000 Thai girls are involved in sex work.

Most of the women involved in sex industry hail from the neighboring villages. If you are looking for a Thai wife, you need to look beyond the bars and clubs and search decent and educated Thai women who are willing to marry foreigners.

How to choose a Thai bride

Thai Brides - Sexy Thai girlsThe online dating sites with their thousands of profile of beautiful and young Thai girls may encourage you to date a few of them and eventually marry one of your choice. Most of the dating sites are reliable and cater to foreign men. You can look for Thai girls from particular locality or with specific interests.

In general, Thai girls are attentive, caring and make great wives. However, to enjoy your married life, you must learn a little bit about Thai culture so that you find it easier to adjust with your wife coming from a different background.

The foreigners in Thailand are known as “farangs”. There are many young and modern Thai girls who are interested to marry men from overseas. They consider these men good match because they are well established in life and can provide them with worldly comforts.

The educated and working Thai women look for men who can match their intellect. They look for companionship and romance in life which most of their Thai counterparts cannot provide. Thus they prefer foreign men for their looks, well bred behavior and the attention they shower on women.

Being members of these dating sites you would come across many attractive Thai girls. Chat with them and try to know their interests. There are premium services available which would allow you to enjoy chatting and dating these women from the comfort of your home. Rest assured that these dating sites would fully protect your identity.

Thai women with their sensuous beauty and maturity make excellent wives. They take care of their men and are family oriented. They are pretty and feminine and good for romancing. Check out prospective Thai brides in online sites and find the right match for yourself.

Meet thousands of beautiful Thai brides online seeking men for dating, love, marriage in Thailand.
Meet thousands of beautiful Thai brides online seeking men for dating, love, marriage in Thailand.

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