Philippines Travel Guide for Single Men

Romance Tours to the Philippines

The Philippines is a travel paradise for single men, whether they are going for adventurous sports or finding a compatible partner.

Beautiful single Filipina brides seeking men for dating and marriageMen who are single and are ready to mingle are delighted to visit the enchanting 7000 islands of the Philippines for many reasons. The beach bum’s delight being on the top is the topmost attraction among the unmarried. Luzon and Mindanao grab the limelight and are fit for exploration. Apart from that, the rich history and nightlife add magnetism to this place. The tropical island adds lots of fun for sporting activities too. Single men looking for compatible life partners like to join the beautiful Filipina ladies for culinary delights in various restaurants that are available in every nook and corner.

Moreover, the incredible and diverse historical culture has loads of things to be discovered too. Moreover, the best beaches and the islands fill romance in the air. If you are a single guy looking for a marriage with a Filipino woman, a dating tour to the Philippines offers comprehensive support.

If you are looking to book a romantic trip to the Philippines, have a look at the following places :


Boracay is a small island in the PhilippinesThese are gorgeous destinations where you can celebrate your love with a Filipina sweetheart. Romance is in the air here. Being one of the most famous islands of the Philippines, Boracay commemorates endless parties throughout the year. Nature, beaches, parties, and the sunsets are the magnetic attraction of this place that singles come for with their girlfriend. Furthermore, some people who are yet to be engaged often find their date here.

Moreover, you can find classy restaurants, 5-star hotels, budgeted accommodation, water activities, and stunning beaches too. People who fall in love have many things to do on the 7 km long and 1 km wide island. Its white beach accommodates the top hotels, exclusive and sophisticated restaurants, malls, and the laidback area along with small-sized guest houses and local bars. While you visit the romantic place for dinner or cocktails, you will find many beautiful Filipina ladies over here. Evening times are the best for enjoying the sunset. At 6:pm in the evening, you can have a remarkable view of the sunset. One can sit and admire the sunset on the beach. However, if you are joined by some beautiful Filipina girls here, do not hesitate to ignite the conversation. However, a bottle of wine can spice up the moments further.


rain-forest-boholLovers explore this island for sure on a romantic date. If you and your girlfriend are both adventurous, do not waste your time sitting near the pool and exploring the fantastic world with your partner. Bohol is the perfect blend of nature and adventure.
You will be thrilled while performing the following activities here :

  • the scenic nature’s beauty with reviving waterfalls
  • dense green lush forests
  • crystal clear rivers
  • popular chocolate hills
  • spectacular dive spots
  • the pristine beaches that add life to the place

The romantic place is sufficient in turning singles into doubles. The days are adventurous, and the nights are gloriously romantic.

Alona in Bohol

Alona Beach is a gorgeous beach of tropical paradise on Panglao islandStated as one of the best beaches in Bohol, the place is highly packed with high-rated restaurants and attractive bars, which make it a perfect starry-eyed place. Many Filipina girls looking for compatible partners are frequent visitors of this place and join with their friends.

Panglao in Bohol

This is the most prominent tourist attraction of Bohol. Stunning resorts and excellent restaurants have captured every inch of this area. The place is filled with adventure, and you can satisfy your quest on the Loboc river, Antequera, Anda, and on Loay. If you have found your desired partner here, rent a bike and make her sit on its back; and explore the alleys of fishermen’s villages and historical places. Watch the spectacular colorful small fishes and giant starfishes.

Philippine Women Romance and Singles Tours

Cebu PhilippinesJanuary 23January 297 days/6 nights$2695
Cebu PhilippinesJanuary 23February 110 days/9 nights$3195
Cebu PhilippinesJanuary 23February 514 days/13 nights$3695
Davao PhilippinesMarch 5March 117 days/6 nights$2695
Davao PhilippinesMarch 5March 1410 days/9 nights$3195
Davao PhilippinesMarch 5March 1814 days/13 nights$3695

Pangulasian Island in El Nido

Pangulasian-islandIf you are looking for a romantic ride in nature’s lap, this is the best place. It has outstanding eco-luxury resorts. Apart from this, the unspoiled nature makes the person sit on the giant rock cliffs for hours, enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the landscape. You can even watch the tiny fishes swimming in the crystal clear sea with naked eyes. The spellbind beach turns into a paradise place that you visit with your lover. They hold your senses for hours, and you can spend some private time here. The overwhelming beauty can’t be defined in words. Do whatever you want here- water activities or the heavenly massages while relaxing. You can even soak yourself in the sun on the empty beaches and enjoy romantic candlelight dinners with the beautiful lady. The chief most attraction of this place is the spa in a top-rated hotel.

Furthermore, for extensive travel to the Philippines, nine cities are considered significant for commercial reasons :


ManillaIt is the national capital and richly populated. All those who have a strong liking for historical monuments and landmarks should pay a visit here. Since people are poor, you can easily find single Filipino girls who are willing to marry and have a settled life with an honest and loving partner. People are very candid and resourceful and are ready to offer their assistance. If you meet a girl in a bar, a supermarket, or on a dating website, strike up a conversation right away. If you think she’s a good match for you and she’s interested in you, take her on a tour of Manilla. The site looks fantastic and is widely dispersed throughout the city. Take a walk with her through the metropolis of Metro Manila. After that, meet her family and plan an engagement date.


The place is known as the city of smiles. Masskara festival is the lifeline of the city which is celebrated on 19th October. It is the home of popular Bacolod Chicken Ansal and the gateway to Negros.


The place is a major center of attraction because of its fantastic weather. Hence, it is also known as the summer capital of the country. The richly maintained parks with lush greenery and scenic area have made it the home of Igorot. Igorot is the indigenous people of Cordilleras.


CebuIf you are still single and are conducting a tour to settle your business, this place can bless you with huge industry and commerce alternatives. Since this place is flooded with tourists, you can make most of your money through them.

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan-de-OroThe gateway of Mindanao and the white-water rafting are the top attraction of this place. Many couples and singles who are rafting freaks spend some mesmerizing moments here. The area has turned many formal interactions into loving and intimate ones and has given many single individuals their desirable soulmates. For this reason, it is also known as the city of Golden Friendship.


If you want to watch the tallest mountain in the Philippines – ‘Mount Apo,’ visit this one of the biggest cities in terms of land.


If you are more towards learning the historical culture, then pay a glance at the colonial architecture of the Philippines. It is one of the finest examples of colonial architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and falls under the category of new seven wonders.


If you are more of a spiritual personality, then visit the mosques and grand churches here. The city also boasts many colonial structures. It is Asia’s Latin city and is famous by the name of ‘La Ciudad Latina de Asia.’

There are some other spectacular destinations for single tourists :


The Banaue Rice Terraces are a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site that is considered the 8th world wonder. The tourists visit this place to watch the 2000 years old rice terraces, which are the outcome of Igorot’s endeavors.


Batangas-divingThe place boasts about the world’s ‘A’ rated scuba dive sites. If you are landing at Manila airport, travel for 2 hours and enjoy the depth of the waters. Its proximity to the airport has made it popular among tourists and adventurous people. You can also have a look at the Taal heritage town.

Camarines Sur

The black and white sands along the shorelines and the coral reefs fascinate tourists from a distance. Enjoy water skiing and get enthralled.


Enjoy the wreck diving and watch the fascinating reefs, macro life, and bewitched geothermal lake dives. Hop on the island and spend some enchanted time here.

Furthermore, you can visit Donsol for watching whale sharks and Palawan island for watching coral reefs and a variety of fishes, tranquil water, and the cave for the beautiful rock formation. Puerta Galera encompasses unique flora along the white shore lines while Sabang draws attention to its fauna. Finally, if you are dead tired of the noisy pollution of Metropolis Manilla, head towards the Sagada, which encompasses lovely mountains in the Luzon province of the Philippines. Enjoy its cool and refreshing climate and spend some time in the captivating caves in the serene mountains. In Tagaytay, the weather is cool and is a gateway for Filipino. It is located away from the noisy commotions of the metropolis city Manilla.

How can single men plan their trip to the Philippines?

Whether you plan for an excursion, dating tour, voyage, sight-seeing, outing or expedition, or date, it is always full of fun if accompanied by a Filipina lady of your dream.

How to approach Filipina girls?

Philippine Women Seek Men for Dating, Friendship and MarriageSo, if you are single, do not miss the fantastic opportunity to live life at the optimum because the drop-dead sexy, gorgeous Filipina ladies are waiting for you on their toes to cater to all your desires. For this prime reason, the Philippines has become an epic adventure for decades. Find one of your types- homely, shy, innocent, beautiful, or a party freak. Be treated like a prince by the whole array of Philippine women that you come across.

Meeting hot Philippine women is an easy job, and you can find Filipino girls almost everywhere as most women would like to be coated. If you want to date a Philippine girl, the procedure is simple. All you need to do is approach the girl, say hello, keep the conversation going on, and request her to go for a coffee with you. Furthermore, through a web connection, the process becomes more straightforward as you have to register on the dating website and connect with the girls looking for partners. Contact them and start the conversation over chat. Exchange your email address. It is free of cost. Choose the Filipina girls between 18- 23 that stand in the queue of the most stunning Filipina ladies.


If you are single, jump into the world of outdoor adventures. Enjoy Kayaking, Kiteboarding, canyoning, and spelunking. Rafting and wakeboarding are the other underwater charm in freshwater pursuits. Furthermore, trekking and rock climbing are gaining immense attention these days, which you can do almost anywhere.


sunnyIf you plan for the Philippines, plan between November to May as the weather is dry and soothing. It becomes a hub for the tourist at this time. However, if you want to spend time in isolation and look to save on your budget, plan between June and October. Never plan during the rainy season as it will kill your romance. Remember, you should never plan between September and October as this is the typhoon season. The weather changes its face often, and hence you should always keep additional time as flights often get delayed, and boat transfers are haltered. Flights, buses, shuttles, trains, taxis, and boats are the prime mode of transportation here. So, schedule your plan accordingly. If you are visiting the Philippines for the first time, study the climate chart before leaving.


You can choose the one based on your budget, style, and mood. If you are a love bird, hire a lavish hotel if you can afford it. However, if you want to live alone, a decent hotel will suffice. The hotels can be booked in advance, and pick-up services are organized from the airport by the hotels. If you and your girlfriend are spiritual, go hand in hand and watch Spanish- Filipino colonial architectures, malls, and centuries-old churches.

Meet thousands of beautiful single Filipina women online looking for men for dating, love, marriage from the Philippines

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Going on romantic dating trips where you will meet, mingle, relate, and find your desired woman is your best opportunity of meeting real Philippine ladies. The excursions are a convenient method to make your aspirations a reality. Traditional dating sites have been exploited and are frequently associated with fraud. However, a romance tour is an authentic experience in which you will meet the women face to face. You get to create a relationship with the woman of your choosing, and you start making plans for her travel paperwork to join you. A vast number of Philippine women are looking forward to dating and marrying a foreigner like you.

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